Sharon Aucoin

Level 1 Stylist


About Sharon

Specialties/Favorite Services:


Favorite Drink:

mango fest (Smoothie King)

Guilty Pleasure:

Staying up too late binging whatever show has me hooked

What do you like to do in your free time?:

Ride around town looking for garage/yard sale signs!! I love shopping!

What made you want to be a hair stylist?:

Hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube as an early teen. I used to watch those for hours, and practice the looks on my friends. I would also do hair and makeup in high school for dances just for fun. I always knew it would be the perfect job for me.

What makes you love coming to work at Salon Prism?:

Definitely the team! Certainly an amazing bunch, never a dull moment with us on the floor!